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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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katie: hi eveveryone. welcome. thank you so much for coming. have a seat. great to see you all. all you city folk and you country folk need to grab a jar jumbalaya and we are headed to louisiana to check out "duck dynasty" and "swamp people," they are the kings of rural reality and they are smashing ratings records along the way. almost 10 million tuned into the season finale of "duck dynasty." is it all that it is quacked up to be? let's take a look. in 1972 duck hunter, phil
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robertson wanted to build a better duck call. build it he did, by hand. the following year the duck commander company began and it was a family affair. the robertsons, well known in the hunting world were thrust into the spotlight and a multimillion dollar business. fast ford to when "duck dynasty" was born. it takes viewers inside the lives of phil and his wife, kay, along with their son's family. >> i am only doing this so they will get back to work. >> laid back jase. >> how can we make ping-pong more violent? katie: and even their uncle si gets into the act. the robertsons show us what it means to put family first, as long as it does not interfere with duck hunting season. so, please welcome the men of
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"duck dynasty,". have a seat. thank you for coming. so excited to have all of you here today. is it a bit of a culture shock for you guys to come to new york city? >> very much so. somehow katie, you seem dainty to be a duck girl. katie: come on, i am a duck girl, phil. come on. i know this is not your first time to the city side. what is the weirdest thing about being in new york city? >> too much concrete. too much concrete and not enough trees. katie: really?
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>> yeah. katie: let's talk about your backgrounds. i am fascinated by this cultural phenomenon of "duck dynasty." it is a huge hit as we mentioned. phil, i know in the 1960's you were a quarterback at louisiana tech. you played along side terry bradshaw. >> actually ahead of bradshaw. katie: yeah? i don't know who say this is, but accding to some people you had a better arm than terry bradshaw. >> bradshaw went after the bucks and i went after the ducks. both of us turned out pretty well. i saw him the other day in the airport. he grabbed me from behind. i haven't seen him in 44 years personally. i said bradshaw, you have done well. he said well, you have done well. probably well to get an episode where we take old bradshaw duck hunting. katie: i think you need to take me duck hunting.
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see, i am starting to take y'all. my dad was from georgia. >> georgia? katie, we are beginning to bond. we are beginning to bond. honey, i didn't even know that. katie: my mom's family most of them are from alexander city, alabama. >> we will take you duck hunting if you think you are up to it. katie: i think ian handle it, but i don't want to shoot snakes. >> unless you see one that is ready to bite one. katie: it is in your blood and in your heart and soul. it is also beautiful. it is so well produced. some of the shots of the great outdoors, makes you feel you are out there with you guys and makes you appreciate nature. so much of us are not in nature so much of the time. >> we love the beauty of it, ok. out there enjoy's god's creation. there is nothing finer than seng something that looks
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like mosquitoes and three seconds later you hear -- and then you are shooting them. it makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. katie: how did you turn this hobby that you love so much into a multimillion dollar business? >> we took the duck calls. dad wanted to make videos. we started filming. nobody had a clue how to film. we rented cameras. dad got the guys at the church that do the sound. went out there and we started to make videos. it took off and was all over the country. we got calls and calls saying i would like a this and a that. i remember dad saying we will make a t-shirt with duck commander on it. that is a good idea because we sold a bunch of those. katie: it started to catch fire. then you connected with these reality tv folks. how did it go from that to now
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this? >> well, we ended up on outdoor tv. i wasn't sure if we could make it looks like we do. we ended up doing that. that was successful. we get a call from a producer out in l.a. he said i make shows. he said i think you guys have a great show. he said i think you have a show rehere. we discussed it. a and e came out of nowhere. i don't know if they knew the comedy and how funny it would be. we don't look like comedians but it turned out fun and he family oriented and they had a hit. katie: jeb, how has your life changed? >> it is czy. you go to the groceryry store a it may take an extra 30 minutes. i was in the gym the other day. i am bench pressing. i look around and i see a guy taking pictures of me. i am like i need help man, put
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that phone down. katie: i saw the episode about your daughter having a boyfriend. you took him duck hunting and all of your anxiety over h dating and kissing a boy and how nervs. i thought that is just like any american father who is really starting to freak out when his daughter starts dating, right. i don't know if most fathers would take the kids duck hunting or kill snakes. is he still in the picture? >> he is innocent the picture. katie: gee, i wonder why, willie. >> he gone. >> to get to the heart of a guy a lot quicker when you look like we do and you are out in the woods and you have weapons. they are listening to everything you say. katie: i also think one of the reasons the show is so successful, you know, we live in such a high-tech world and we are connected to our digital devices and our computers. i know you are anti-technology a little book.
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you wrote a new book, phil, called "happy, happy, happy." >> i am happy for high-tech. i never owned a cell phone or turned on a computer in my life. it seems like it is a little much for our children. all the time. katie: it takes you away from the actual act of living so much. >> so i did the simple thing. i would take my grandson's cell phone and throw it in the high weeds. katie: i should mention too, obviously you guys have made a lot of money doing this. butou are very philanthropic. you give a lot back. >> mostly the church but we help out on a lot of different things. miss kay, you are a woman and so is miss kay. katie: thank you. >> she said phil, i stayed with you when you were mean and we were poor. she said now you are kind and we are rich.
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rich is way better. i am just saying. katie: well, miss kay is great. in fact when we come back we will meet the "duck dynasty" divas, including miss kay. the women join us right after this. >> coming up next -- >> he was the one. i just knew it. i knew that about him. >> how the rural men landed these southern beauties. then what is uncle si's secret? >> hey, when you got it, you got it. >> and later. katie: rural reality feud. >> it is a rural reality showdown, "swamp people" vs. "duck dynasty." showdown, "swamp people" vs. "duck dynasty." katie: you guys have ♪ ♪
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with a two year price guarantee. plus get an additional line included. it's all backed by our worry fe guarantee, with no activation fees, and more. call 1.888.774.4418 to sign up now. verizon katie: so, i am back with my new b's the stars of "duck dynasty," phil, uncle si,
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illie, jase and jep. you need some strong women to hold it all together. luckily, they have got them. take a look. >> miss kay has to be one of the greatest cooks on the face of the earth. >> when you feed them, they will come. it is a 1-2 punch. i will whip you. i touched that and it fell off. you bring home the game or you are not a man. come and get it. >> why do you need me for the cooking d.v.d.? >> you are on the cover. >> can we just not make this? >> what are y'all doing back here? >> we are cleaning up. >> looks like you are playing. >> i ain't scared. > this one up here on the right. >> that is wrong. >> si is giving me the run around. i don't think so buddy. >> forget it. we are going to my doctor. >> i am thinking i might need
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to go to the bathroom. >> did you bring the spray? >> there are probably 12 women in the world that look at me and say yeah, that is worth a shot. >> this is like being in the pioneer days. i was theower girl under those hanging limbs. not everybody wants a man that talks nonstop. katie: so, please say hey to miss kay, korie, missy and jessica. come on out. hi. how are you. so nice to see you all. hi ladies. welcome. how are you? nice to see you. so much fun to have you. miss kay, you are looking very, very urban today. i have to say, right? >> i am a yuppie girl today.
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katie: you are a yuppie girl. phil doesn't like that much. >> he likes me, so he will like it. katie: you guys, when did you meet and how did you know he was the one? >> they bused us in to go to the same high school. an upperclassman put us together. the reason i knew he was the one is because i always dream body this pioneer man. i know he wouldn't have looked like that then but it was his pioneer spirit. i wanted a man that hunted and fished. katie: you wanted a manly man. >> i did. i did. >> you hit the jackpot. >> you got one, honey. katie: i like watching you all as much as i like watching the fellows on the show. korie, i look at you saying what is a nice girl like you doing in a place like this. >> that is what her dad said.
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>> that is true. we were 17 and 18 when we told my parents we were getting married. phil said drive up down the road and you can get married in arkansas. my parents were won over. we got married. opposites attract, they say. katie: seems like you guys have a great relationship. a lot of the show focuses on the hunting aspect. how come you girls are not out there hunting? >> did you not see the deer hunting episode. we actually did. i can honestly say that is the first and the last time that i will go deer hunting. but i like duck hunting. katie: is it hard to marry into this family? does miss kay really do anything thatets under your skin? >> cat fight. >> who doesn't love miss kay. but we are really close. we can overstep our boundaries sometimes. miss kay can and we can. but we love each other and that
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is the reason we work. we forgive and move on and we are rooting for each other. katie: korie, i know you and willie went to the white house correspondents dinner. i didn't go this year but i have been in years past. what was it like? >> it was incredible. katie: were people making a big fuss. >> they were. they were asking to take their pictures with us. i come home and i try to tell people what it was like. it was so surreal. it was neat to be there. my mom is like all of those manners i taught you when you were a little girl. you never know when you are going to eat with the president. katie: uncle si has become quite the ladies' man. >> hey, when you got it, you got it. katie: i was going to say, llus, ladies love uncle si. sorry ladies, the truth is si is married.
4:17 pm
he has been married for a long time. >> happily married. been married to this red-headed woman from kentucky. katie: does she have a name, si. >> christine. she gave me a daughter and a son. they got married and gave me four grandsons a piece. katie: si, why is christine not on the show? >> she has better sense than the rest of us. katie: well, when we come back we will introduce everyone to the newest cast members and find out what is hiding behind all of that facial hair. >> up next -- >> see what i would look like with facial hair. you like that? >> katie, after seeing that welcome to the family. katie: thank you, phil. >> and later the cast ofswamp people." katie: first of all, i think you are crazy. how dangerous is this? >> when you catch them real big ones, a 12 footer that might >> when you catch them real big ones,if you're seeing spotst before your eyes...
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katie: so, we are back with the cast of "duck dynasty." phil, uncle si, willie, jase, jep, core and he jessica. we watch them run their family business and have a little fun. for season 4 it is time to shake it up. how will they do that? by adding two more family members to the team.
4:21 pm
please welcome al and lisa robertson. hi. how are you. nice to see you. i can just say you don't quite look like the others. what is g on here. >> i know you wonder what they look lik lunderneath. this is it. katie: when i watch y'all, i know you love your beards. i know your wives love your beards. but i think you are very good looking underneath those beards. i kind of want to shave them off but you wouldn't let me do that? >> nah. katie: you left the family business back in 1988. >> well, i went into the ministry. someone needed to preach, especially to this group behind me. was there for 22 years. a great time together. but this is a great opportunity to continue to do that all over
4:22 pm
the country and all over the world now. katie: talk about a congregation, right. you have a lot ofeo people watching this show and a hug opportunity. is thaist why you wanted to com back? >> absolutely. i have sort of been the outcast, no doubt about it in the family. i bathe regularly. i wear deodorant, you know. katie: you shave. >> i shave. they kind of kept me in the back and i forced my way out. katie: lisa, how do you feel about this? the rest of the family have three seasons under their belts. i imagine it took getting used to. are you nervous at all about it? >> i am very nervous. but i am so excited. i am glad to be able to spend all the time. you know whenever they film, they all film together and the whole family is together. to us that is what is important. that is one of the reasons we came back to the family business. we wanted to spend time with our family. i am excited to spend time with
4:23 pm
my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law and all of my nieces and nephews and the beards in the back. katie: when is the last time you saw these guys without facial hair? >> 30 years for me. 30 years. katie: do you ever want to say phil, honey, do you want to shave? >> katie, here is a newsflash. women and youth do not have beards. am neither. katie: all right. we wanted he check what you guys lookedik like before the beards. here we have pictures. here is willie before his beard. nice mullet by the way. i like it. all right. here is phil. here is phil prebeard. i think you are mighty cute. next up we have jase. jase, seriously, wow.
4:24 pm
look at you. and last but not least we got a shot of si before your beard. look at you, si. you arere a vietnam veteran? >> yes, ma'am, i am. [applause] [applause] katie: al, since you are the only robertson man without a beard we wanted to show you what you would look like with a beard. we have a shot of you with a beard. there you go. i like it. and then uncle si, we wanted to see what you would look like with my hair, just for fun. >> i saw that guy on the subway. katie: you did. and i think we wanted to see what i would look like with facial hair since i have been giving the guys a hard time. >> gave you a little character. katie: you like it? >> gave you some character.
4:25 pm
>> katie, after seeing that welcome to thehe family of the duck men. katie: thank you. thank you, phil. so of course you can see all of the robertsons on "duck dynasty" wednesday nights and we will see you later in the show. we will play a little game. i am looking forward to that. next, we continue our louisiana-based rural reality romp in the swamp. "swamp people" are here. we will talk to them next. >> coming up next -- >> i guess you can say we are the amish of the swamp. >> and later it is "duck dynasty" vs. "swamp people" in a game of reality feuds. dynasty" vs. "swamp people" in a game of reality feuds. katie: you have to name the
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katie: so, our next guests spend their days in the steamy bayous of louisiana surrounded by alligators. not your idea of a good time? well it is to them and to millions of people that turn in every week. take a look at the history channel's "swamp people." way down south in the bayous in louisiana, hunting is a way of life. one season is the biggest and it only lasts a month. gator season. troy landry is known as the king of the swamp. he and his sons jacob, chase and brandon put their lives on
4:29 pm
the line going after these giant critters. as if spending the day with enormous alligators was not enough of an adrenaline rush, the landry family prides itself on kicking it up a notch. >> oh, my god. >> the work is dangerous and the stakes are high. but to these guys it is just another day at the office. so, please welcome troy landry d his sons, brandon, jacob and chase. hi. how are you? how are you? how are you doing? hi guys. nice to meet you. have a seat. how are you. thyok you so much for coming.
4:30 pm
nice to see y'all. you will have to teach me how to speak a little cajun. what did you say to me? >> how are you doing. katie: a little french thrown in there. how did you guys get in this crazy line of work? were you born into it? this is something you have been doing all of your life. >> yes, ma'am. katie: what is it about it that makes it appealing to you? >> what makes it appealing to me is that it is dangerous work but i feel that being in the swamps is one of the last freedoms. you have to work hard to make a living. it is not a guaranteed paycheck at the end of the week, kind of like in the old days. katie: brandon, can you explain why alligator hunting is necessary. a lot of people would think it is weird. >> there are so many out there you need population control. it gets dangerous, you know. they are overpopulated in the
4:31 pm
waterways that people swim in. have you kids out there. you know you feel like you are out there protecting other humans by taking care of the population. katie: and what do y'all do once you catch the alligators? >> we bring them in and sell them to a buy they're takes them to a processing plant. nothing on the alligator is wasted. they don't only use it for the meat and the swin, the head and feet. >> none of it goes to waste. are are we all have back scratchers. katie: how dangerous is this? because when i watched the show -- first of all, i think y'all are crazy. can i establish that here and now. i respect what you do. but i mean it would scare the heck out of me. do you have close calls ever? i have seen you? >> every day we are out there it is a close call. you just have to be careful and take precautions. as long as you stay safe
4:32 pm
everything turns out just fine. >> what was it like when you first did it? >> i was too little to remember my first time. katie: how old were you? >> around 7 or 8 maybe. >> younger than that. >> every alligator is different. every single one acts different. but when you catch the real big ones, a 12 footer, you never forget them. katie: one of you got in the water and wrestled with one. did you ever do that troy? >> i had to do that a couple of times. katie: you did? >> yeah. katie: did you think this could be it? >> you don't even think about that. it is something you do every day. you just do it. >> brandon, you had a regular office job. >> yes, ma'am. katie: then you started doing this. >> sounds crazy. katie: yeah. what was it like making that adjustment? >> the family needed the help.
4:33 pm
we have two boats. my dad's helper couldn't do it this year and he asked if i could help him out. i asked work ficould take the moh off. you know it was great to just be out there with the family and to know that i was helping them out and to take care of business. it is a big difference from the a.c. to the heat. very long days. the most manual labor i have done in a long time. katie: why do you think the show is so popular? >> the beauty of the swamps fascinates a lot of people. the danger of the alligators. some of them just to see a different way of life. i guess you can say we are the amish of the swamp. i guess. katie: and before we go, again, like "duck dynasty" some of the shots are really beautiful. some of those shots up close to the alligator, i think that cameraman must be wetting his
4:34 pm
pants right now. how do you help them get used to be so on top of those gators? >> that first couple of days they stay in the back of the boat. but we had a close call last year. one of them started to g comfortable. the alligator turned and get. the teeth mark in the camera was an inch away from where his hand was. he was done for the rest of the day. >> ruined the $3,500 camera. katie: you have to be careful. >> he had to change his pants. katie: ok. on that note, and it is fun to watch you. "swamp people" airs thursday nights on the history channel. when we come back it is gator vs. duck. the cast of "duck dynasty" and "swamp people" go in a game vo: getting your car serviced at meineke, smart. saving time by booking an appointment online,
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katie: so, we are back with the cast of "duck dynasty" and "swamp people." now it is time to go head-to-head in a game of rural eality feud. playing for team "duck dynasty" phil, willie, jase and jep.
4:38 pm
playing for "swamp people" troy, brandon and jacob. joining me as my co-host, uncle si. all right. here is how we are going to play. team captains will square off to try to control the board. after that your team will select a category. you have 30 seconds to come up with as many of the five answers as you can. when the time is up you will hear this sound. go ahead, si. you can discuss the answers with your team but only the captain can tell us your official answer. winning team gets bragging rights. the losing team has to put on the hat of the winning people, take a picture and tweet it out to their millions of followers. >> katie. katie. they can't even speak english. >> i don't know. katie: i would be careful with our trash talking already.
4:39 pm
i am go to ask the first question for control of the board. what has more protein per gram, duck or alligator. >> alligator, of course. atie: you are wrong. actually duck, believe it or not. i was surprised. that means phil and the "duck dynasty" people take control of the board. ok. here are the categories, ok you guys. traditional louisiana dishes, e's top five celebrity power couples. the kardashian family. gulf coast states. and uncle si's saying. >> uncle si's saying. katie: you tell us what your
4:40 pm
answers are. o ahead. >> hey jack. t's on like donkey kong. i'm sorry. that is not up there. give me some more. hey. let's see hey. what is another one? > you mean that's a fact jack. katie: what else? katie: time is up. sorry y'all. the other ones were all of my stories are 95% truthful. never insult a man's beard. u kids ever hear of the term nam? "swamp people" what would you
4:41 pm
like? >> alligator nicknames of course. katie: you have 30 seconds, go. >> big head. katie: what's the other one? >> t rex. >> no. go ahead. >> big head. we have big head. lock ness monster. katie: keep going. yep. yep. what else? >> i don't know. tree shaker. is tree shaker up there? yes. nice job. you got four of them right. well played "swamp people." katie: what were you say willie about them not speaking english? >> did i say that? katie: what is the next category? >> gulf coast t states. katie: ready.
4:42 pm
>> louisiana. katie: >> mississippi. alabama. florida. texas. >> boom. katie: nice job. hat is your next category? katie: i think you should do the kardashians. you guys have to name the kardashian kids as well as the name of their mother. are you ready for that? >> kris. katie: ok. >> kourtney. katie: nice job. >> kim. kim. kim. katie: yes. >> khloe. >> rob.
4:43 pm
katie: nice. nice. nice. >> who can't talk english. >> troy, that is embarrassing. that is embarrassing. >> i couldn't have got that for $10 million. katie: well played, 9-7 the swamp people" win. nice. very, very nice. >> all thanks to the kardashians. all right. nice job. thank you guys. you were great. when we come back why the rural reality phenomenon has exploded and the very latest on your favorite shows from honey boo boo [ male announcer ] yoknow what's so awesome ababout the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- how 100% fiber optics takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music.
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katie: rural reality shows have taken over our tvs and d.v.r. we seem to be addicted. the rural concept is not entirely new. take a look. in 1962 the overall clampetts loaded up their pickup trucks
4:47 pm
and drove into the hearts of america. we watched as they brought their country shenanigans to the glitz and glamour of beverly hills. he classic show green acres. these days the hotst shows on tv take a page from the country roots, rural reality takes us out of the city and deep into the country. the woods and even the swamp. shows like "duck dynasty" and honey boo re comes boo. these days country folk have been crowned the new reality royalty. and for now, they are here to tay. our next guest is a reality tv expert who wrote for the "new
4:48 pm
york times" and n.p.r. here to shed light on the rural reality phenomenon. nice to see you, andy. all right. reality tv in general seems to be taking over the airwaves. why is that? >> i think because scripted shows got lazy and did not have really interesting, compelling characters or people with spectacular facial hair. now we have real people living their real lives. katie: and we have more in common with these people. >> absolutely. they are totally relatable. watch and see reflections of your own family and maybe our family can be more like this or maybe i will make sure my kids don't ever do that. katie: do some people watch the shows because they are making fun, you know, exposing honey boo boo. it is so funny. she is only 7 years old to the
4:49 pm
constant scrutiny and the presence of cameras all the time. is there shiething irresponsible? on the other hanthey are probably making enough family where she can go to college and perhaps they couldn't afford that before. >> absolutely. i think there is positive benefits. they are putting all of the money away into a trust fund and living their lives before the cameras. but there is a possibility for impact of how the filming is affecting her. i think network executives to producers to family members need to be conscious and ask what effect does it have. we need to make sure we are not harming people. katie: and mtv's buck wild features people in dangerous situations. do you question that? that seems to be a long way to go for sure entertainment. >> right. shane's death is tragic. but it occurred when they were
4:50 pm
not filming. this is the type of stuff he would do when there were not cameras around. it is a lot of crazy, bad, dunken behavior. i think that is something worth exploring. katie: how long will this rural reality trend continue? it was the glamour of the real housewives. now it is theant dote for that. >> absolutely. i continuing comes in waves. we have short attention spans. we will get bored with it after a while and something new will come in. i hope we move back towards the documentary shows that made the genre popular to begin with. katie: andy, thank you for coming by. if you would like to read andy's eight things you don't know about reality tv head to our website at up next i am learning the call of the wild. duck calling ♪
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♪ hidwith new sandwich spreads in flavors like spicy chipotle pepper for craveable sandwiches. new citracal sugar free chocolate chews. giving you calcium plus d, in a tasty little package. katie: before we go i am back with the star of "duck dynasty." phil, you started making duck callers. > duck callers. katie: in 1972 by hand. >> yeah.
4:55 pm
had the first one built. i had a dream, i think this will work. someone said why don't you teach school. i said i am going with the ducks. if i told you this year's sale you would say that was a good call on your part. katie: tell me. > let's just say millions. katie: excellent. i think you know me a little by now and know i have never used one of these before. >> first thing you do is turn it around. you are going to blow the other end. what you are going to say five 10s. first of all, say oh. your tongue moved very little. but when you say ten. katie: ten. >> say ten five times. >> every time you said that the
4:56 pm
tongueit the roof of your mouth twice. say you are going to do is five tens into it. you don't want your jaws to ff out. watch. ere is what you are doing. your jaw is coming out. en i am doing this nothing moves. i am going ten, ten, ten. our stomach tightens a little. i am going to work on it. i am going to work on it. >> once katie couric learns how call a duck we will all say
4:57 pm
there is hope for the united states of america. katie: will you take me duck hunting? >> i willil katie: i loved meeting you and the whole family. phil's new book "happyy, happyy, happyy" available now and everyone in the audience is going home with a copy of it. how do you like that. thank you for watching. i will see you the next time. ofan arrest in the abduction alexis murphy. the investigation continues. know.ase let us
4:58 pm
>> a mother pleads for help as police and the community look for answers. beens murphy should have starting her senior year of high school today. >> the nelson county teenager is missing instead. police arrested randy taylor. suzanne kennedy has the latest. authorities had been searching the property and his personal vehicle. all this is the search for clues into the disappearance of 17- year-old alexis murphy. >> it feels like my heart has been ripped out. is trying tomurphy keep it together as she waits for word about her daughter's disappearance and likely abduction. i am looking at my phone
4:59 pm
hoping it is her. was last seenhy august 3 on her way to lynchburg . her car was found in charlottesville three days later. authorities announced the arrest of this man, randy allen taylor and charged him in connection with the team disappearance. while he has been charged, murphy has it to be found. >> and went -- i want to assure family that we will keep looking as long as it takes to find her. >> the fbi and local authorities searched the home where taylor lived. tore are pink ribbons remember alexis and posters with details of her disappearance. frequented his minimart. >> i know i seen him in here before. me in a strange way. i had interacted with him an


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